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John Craxton: A Greek Soul at Chania

The Municipal Art Gallery of Chania presents the exhibition entitled "John Craxton: A Greek Soul".
In the week that completes a century since the birth of the painter John Craxton, the exhibition-tribute to his life and work opens in the Municipal Art Gallery of Chania. This is the traveling exhibition "John Craxton: A Greek Soul", which after its debut at the Benaki Museum, where in five months (April - September) welcomed more than 25,000 citizens, now enriched, is preparing to welcome the audience of the British artist's second homeland, Crete and especially Chania.

The renewed version of the exhibition at the Municipal Art Gallery of Chania includes a total of around 100 paintings, drawings, prints, photographs, and objects mainly from the Craxton Estate, but also 20 works, which were donated by friends of the artist who live in Chania. The tapestry "Landscape with Elements of Nature" woven with threads of 500 different colors, which Craxton designed when he was forced to leave Greece during the military dictatorship, will play a central role in the exhibition, in the same way it did at the Benaki Museum, as it pays homage to Cretan textile production. It is worth noting that this is the first time the tapestry has travelled outside the place of its creation, Edinburgh, for the sake of this temporary exhibition.
Equally, however, the interest of visitors will be attracted by the recreation of Craxton's studio within the Municipal Art Gallery. The original space is located a stone's throw from the exhibition space, in the old harbor of the city, and will be accessible thanks to a digital program being prepared by the Technical University of Crete. Another unexpected exhibit will be the period motorbike that was the creator's inseparable companion during his travels and explorations in the White Mountains.
After its completion in Chania, the exhibition will continue its journey to Istanbul and London.

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