Interweaving Narratives

The Ethnological Museum of Thrace and the Municipality of Alexandroupolis are presenting the temporary exhibition “Interweaving Narratives”, from 13 of October to 31 of December 2022.

It is an art intervention by Vassia A. Vanezi, Deirdre O'Leary, Samuel Tschudin, Yota Tsotra at the Ethnological Museum of Thrace, attempting a dialogue with the collection and the museum's environment. The representation of objects with anthropocentric functions and their cultural integration is what inspires the artists to (co-)work with the Ethnological Museum of Thrace. At the core of the research around Interweaving Narratives is the encounter with the Ethnological Museum of Thrace and the wider region of Thrace in Northern Greece, having the concept of weaving as a starting point. Weaving, historically and contemporarily, can be seen and experienced as a process of transformation, a form of ritual and meditation through continuous (repetitive) gestural movements that require time and patience. Their narratives will be woven together in an exhibition, which will serve as an interface for visitors to see the weaving through new perspectives and sounds.

In addition to the works that will be installed in the museum's temporary exhibition hall, interventions will be created with small works in the museum's permanent exhibition and an acoustic environment will be created through sound installations. Interweaving narratives are envisioned to become the starting point of a long-term platform for exchange, experimentation, creation, and practice in the concept of weaving, through the collision of tradition, technology and different disciplines towards new sustainable realities without exclusion and discrimination.

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