Heroes’ Garden

The solo exhibitions Heroes’ Garden by Kostas Roussakis presented from 4 November 2021 to 23 January 2022 at the Service Yard at Megaron the Athens Concert Hall.

Walking along the corridor leading to the Service Yard, in the bowels of Megaron discover the installation, consisting of three solid sculpted volumes which contain, within them, a particular stereoscopic view of the Pedion Areos public space, accessible individually –almost intimately– to the gaze of each viewer.

The exhibition of Kostas Roussakis, curated by Christos Chrysopoulos, draws its raw material from the Pedion Areos public park of Athens, together with all its current connotations (historical, artistic, political, urban life related) and the semiotics that have been attributed to it from time to time (sculptures, statues, The Avenue of Heroes, monuments, garden etc.).

Its central axis is the monumental ensemble of “The Avenue of Heroes”. Within Megaron’s Service Yard, Roussakis’ installation forms a visual environment that metabolizes the familiar area of the Pedion Areos park, creating a new, ephemeral subjective landmark for the city’s history and modern life.

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