Τhe exhibition “Margarites/Daisies” is presented at the Municipal Gallery of Larissa-G.I. Katsigras Museum as a part of the events associated with the museum participation in the Cultural Route of the Council of Europe “Roads of Impressionism”.

Thirteen female artists honour the great artist, creating “impressions” of her daisies. The Daisies that are exhibited in the atrium space of the museum experiment with the aesthetic experiences of the observer, having as their focus the awakening of their critical thinking, exploring a tangled social palette and extending their experiential delight though an abundance of image and textures.

Wandering along the steep winding paths through the story of art, there emerges in front of us art movements that praise the female presence. Impassable, lonely and abandoned, like overgrown country walkways are the routes that lead to female creators. Those that managed to discard the smothering veil of the muse, created themselves the image that they wished to portray. Many are the women who over the passing of centuries have been involved in the arts. Their lack of inclusion however from the pages of history and the temples of culture is due to political, social and cultural inequality in a male dominated world. In the patriarchal Greek society in the beginning of the twentieth century the position of women continued to be considered as lower than that of her male compatriot, whilst in America and Europe, the emergence of “New Woman” had already started to take hold. In spite of the threats to their lives, some Greek women held no fear when fighting for equal rights with men.
Amongst them was a rising young artist, Thalia Flora-Karavia. Her talent glowed, and quickly she made her mark on the artistic canvas of the age. Her art was considered to be equal to that of male artists. Her age however insisted on seeing men as superior and more able, and so was not able to accept her artistic equality. Art critics of the time frequently referred to her in sexist phraseology, demoting her womanly nature and her right as a woman to create.

In the Katsigra Collection, her work with the title “Daisies” is categorised as an agrarian idiom of Impressionism which despite its conventional topic, hides a second, deeper meaning. The contemporary art exhibition borrows its title  from the painting of the same name, and revisits the work of the original artist creating a visual literacy, thereby elevating it to a synchronous artistic status.

Επιμέλεια έκθεσης: Αντιγόνη Καψάλη, Ιστορικός τέχνης/ Εικαστικός

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