Culture Path

Athens International Airport, in collaboration with the Athens Digital Arts Festival (ADAF), presents the first Augmented Reality (AR) exhibition entitled "Culture Path".

An interactive cultural path, where, with the use of technologies, works of Greece's cultural heritage "meet" and "converse" with works of the latest and contemporary creation. The "culture path" creates a conversation between the past and the present with an eye on the future. The exhibition evolves also in other locations within the Athens airport, offering the opportunity to travelers and visitors of Athens to navigate a unique path and experience a pioneering cultural and artistic experience.

The selection of works has been made by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, with the participation of the: Archaeological Museum of Olympia, National Museum of Contemporary Art, National Gallery - Alexandros Soutsos Museum, Alonissos Underwater Museum at Peristera, National Archaeological Museum, Loverdos Museum, Byzantine and Christian Museum, Herakleion Archaeological Museum, MOMus - Alex Mylonas Museum, Delphi Archaeological Museum, Museum of the Royal Tombs at Aigai.

Location: "Art & Environment" exhibition hall, Departures level (entrance 3)

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