29th PLOES: Cities of People

This summer, for the 29th year, the artistic institution PLOES, subtitled "Homeless People", will be hosted at the building of the P. & M. Kydonieos Foundation in Chora of Andros, from 29 Saturday July to 1 Sunday October, 2023.

© Kafouros Ilias

The title is derived from the original verses of Homer's Odyssey, which literally translates to "cities of people". However, the deeper interpretation of these words and their association relates to human actions and the imprints they leave behind when living in settlements. They reflect the collective memory and the cultural pathways through which people shape their everyday lives by creating and forming through common consent.

For this year's exhibition, a selection of works has been chosen that include reflections on the function of the collective unconscious, its resilience, and its transformations. These works, through their own language and aesthetics, do not necessarily provide solutions but rather raise questions, opening up avenues of thought and encouraging related reflections for the viewers. The exhibition features a dialectical relationship between works of painting, sculpture, printmaking, and installations, creating an engaging and thought-provoking experience.

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