Averoff Street Cosmima Giannina

The temporary exhibition "Averoff Street Cosmima Giannina"  presents jewelry from the Folklore Museum "Kostas Frontzos".

The first silversmiths' shops in Ioannina were housed, after the fire that destroyed a great part of the city in 1869, in the Kamares Street. After the liberation, in 1913, Kamares Street was renamed to George Averoff Street, where the dew of silver with traditional artifacts and the aura of gold gradually began to blow. Citizens of Ioannina and travelers, locals, and foreigners, old and young, have lots of memories from the workshops and silversmith shops of Averoff Street!

During the 1960s, Kostas Frontzos, fully aware of the historical burden and the high aesthetics of the Greek folk traditional art, undertook the rescue of every object that was in immediate danger either from ignorant owners or from peddlers who estimated its value only in money. With the insight that distinguished him, he saved numerous jewels of the 19th and 20th centuries, up to the inter-war period, and over time were the collection augmented by new acquisitions.
The temporary exhibition presents jewelry from the Folklore Museum "Kostas Frontzos", plain or crafted with more intricate, delicate compositions, various techniques, and materials.

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