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Across the sea

On the centennial of the Asia Minor Catastrophe, the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation (PIOP) presents the temporary exhibition “Across the sea” at the Chios Mastic Museum. Drawing upon excerpts from iconic works of Modern Greek Literature set against the background of historical events, the exhibition aims to highlight aspects of a period that was defining for the nation.

Moving scenes come to life through texts by great authors - Ilias Venezis, Stratis Myrivilis, Kosmas Politis, Dido Sotiriou, among others - and the testimonies of people who lived through the events. Life “across the sea”, scenes from the Asia Minor Campaign and the Catastrophe, the end and the uprooting, the new beginning in Greece, the integration of the refugees and the safeguarding of the memories unfold throughout the exhibition units. In parallel, the exhibition emphasizes the strong influence of refugees from Asia Minor on the local history and the development of the area as well as their wider influence on many aspects of Greek society. For this exhibition, the refugee associations on Chios, local entities and private collectors lent PIOP many items from their own collections. Archival material and photographs, sacred relics and personal items brought by the refugees from “across the sea” form a unique narration of moving human stories in the framework of History. Among other things, visitors can see the Epitaph from the Church of Agia Paraskevi of Krini (Ceşme), letters from the Front, a seal of the Greek Postal Office in Smyrna, handmade votives, the key to the front door of a house, the bridal gown of an urban girl in the 20th century, embroidered dowry items, student notebooks and other everyday objects.

The exhibition is organized under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and Sports and the Federation of Refugee Associations in Greece.

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