Kalamata Dance Cup

The 4th International Festival of Dance Competition in Kalamata will take place on October 2022 in the 'Tenta' Ιndoor Sports Hall of Kalamata. It is organized by 'Kalamata Dance Challenge Association of Greece' and PolisArt Social Company with the support of the Municipality of Kalamata and the Messinian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Kalamata, the ‘City of Dance’ will welcome different groups and Performers of the Greek and world dance community, famous dance personalities, top couples and danceSport champions, for the first time in Greece. It will host 50 distinguished International Adjudicators from Greece and abroad, while the City of Kalamata will be flooded with more than 1500 people, who will compete with noble rivalry and offer a rich spectacle of dance variety to an art-loving audience.
This year's program includes dance competitions in all genres and categories of dance, group art performances and dance shows by people with and without disabilities. Apart from this, the KDC Festival also includes many more activities such as workshops, exhibitions, tributes, excursions & tours, children's activities, treats of local Messinian products etc

The event is under the auspices & funding of the Ministry of Culture and Sports and of the Greek Tourism Organisation - Ministry of Tourism.

From 29/10/2022 to 30/10/2022

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