World Trails Conference

The Municipality of Skiathos and the World Trails Network (WTN), jointly organize the 8th World Trails Conference to take place in Greece from 26-30 of September 2022. The event includes an extended program of trail journeys and workshops running from 18 September to 1 October 2022. 

The World Trails Conference is the world’s largest international gathering of trail professionals and enthusiasts. It brings together leaders from government agencies, non-profit organizations, civil society, business and academia to collaborate, share, celebrate and define best practice strategies for one of the world’s significant tourism, lifestyle and outdoor sectors.
Skiathos features a 100-km network of old trails that connect today’s visitors to the many sight-seeing highlights of the island. They weave through rich pine and cypress forests and can take walkers to old monasteries, a medieval castle, or picturesque beaches. The world has much to learn from the continued investment by Skiathos into the accessibility, safety, preservation, and quality of their trails.

Under the auspices of the Greek National Tourism Organisation.

Detailed Programme of Events
18 – 25 Sept 2022 Pre-Conference Trail Journeys
- Skiathos Trail Journey
- Sifnos Trail Journey
- Path of Peace Trail Journey
23 – 25 September 2022 World Trails Ambassadors Summit
26 September 2022 8th World Trails Conference + Welcome Addresses
27 September 2022 Beach Dinner + World Tourism Day
28 September 2022 World Trails Film Festival Premiere
29 September 2022 World Trails Network General Assembly
29 September 2022 Skiathos Trail Excursions + Closing Banquet
30 September 2022 Trails of the World + Workshops
30 Sept – 1 Oct 2022 Workshops + Green Flag Trails Training