“ΥΤΟΝ”: A new option for night fun

“YTON”, the new multi-purpose entertainment space in Athens, aims to offer the public an unprecedented entertainment experience that goes beyond the usual. An old factory at No. 38, Petrou Ralli Street, was transformed from top to toe into a place of modern and high standards. As soon as you enter the impressive foyer with the large life walls, your eye falls on the large metal sculptures that resemble art installations. The main stage stands out for its luxuriance and architectural approach, as the stalls embrace the big scene where the well-known singer Nikos Vertis performs. He is one of the most famous folk singers in Greece, who is worth discovering if you want to enjoy a Greek fun night. The experience shall be complemented by musical and theatrical performances, parties, festivals and exhibitions to be occasionally hosted in the other areas of the old factory, around the main stage.