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Greece: a place to fall in love with

Orphic Hymn 58 to Eros (trans. Taylor) (Greek hymns C3rd B.C. to 2nd A.D.):
"To Eros (Love), Fumigation from Aromatics. I call, great Eros, the source of sweet delight, holy and pure, and charming to the sight; darting, and winged, impetuous fierce desire, with Gods and mortals playing, wandering fire : agile and twofold, keeper of the keys of heaven and earth, the air, and spreading seas; of all that earth’s fertile realms contains, by which the all parent Goddess life sustains, or dismal Tartaros is doomed to keep, widely extended, or the sounding deep; for thee all nature’s various realms obey, who rulest alone, with universal sway. Come, blessed power, regard these mystic fires, and far avert unlawful mad desires".

Beauty in Greece is exquisite; timeless; unspoiled. It was in this sacred landscape that love was born. Greece is the birthplace of the winged God Eros, the son of Aphrodite; the God that with his quiver and arrows inspired artists and writers over the centuries to praise the virtues of love. Whether you are looking for an ideal honeymoon destination or just a romantic escape, the beauty and diversity of the Greek landscape forms the most romantic backdrop to celebrate your love.

Search for your fairy-tale romance in the Greek islands, a perfect honeymoon destination bathed in sunlight all year long. Explore with your other half the islands on a cruise and enjoy sun-kissed beaches, superb natural landscapes, cosmopolitan resorts and traditional settlements alike or taste exquisite local dishes. Santorini, Mykonos and Corfu rank among the most popular romantic getaways in Greece but don’t forget to pay a visit to the rest of the Aegean and Ionian islands as well!

Set out on a journey through time and experience the sheer medieval beauty of wonderfully preserved stone-built settlements and fortified towns spread all over Greece. Be the knight or princess of your childhood fairytales in the Byzantine town of Mystras; unveil a medieval mystery in Monemvasia or rediscover romance as you enter one of the largest medieval towns in Europe, the old town of Rhodes.

If you fancy the bustle of big cities however, relish blissful unforgettable moments while walking hand in hand along monumental avenues or narrow pedestrian streets under the city’s lights… How about adding an extra touch of romance?! Catch a bird’s eye view of the city from hilltop viewpoints; sip a glass of wine in a nice atmospheric bar; enjoy a dinner of fine Greek cuisine under the candle lights or search for a beautiful secluded cinema to watch a romantic film!

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