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Patras Carnival 2020

The Patras Carnival, the largest carnival event in Greece, fully acclaimed abroad, is the main cultural and tourist event of the city. (January 18th.-March 1st, 2020).

The Patras Carnival derives its essence and power from the high degree of participation of citizens of all ages and of all social classes, giving the Patras Carnival its pandemic character. At the same time Patras Carnival attracts a huge number of visitors and stimulates the economy of the city.

Youth, a true locomotive of the Patras Carnival, makes it the leading Youth Carnival on a pan-European level, bearing the fruits of rare creation, inventiveness, self-sacrifice and spontaneity. Especially the carnival teams (crews) prepare feverishly many months before what they will present at the parade and materialize it with much love, passion and most of all, selflessness.

This year's theme of the Patras Carnival is "In favor of, about, every ... circle I make fun of" as a central element of his thematic circle.

The Patras Carnival is not limited to the last weekend of the parades but extends creatively throughout the carnival period with a host of events, including Dance, Parades, Game of the Hidden Treasure, Children Carnival, Street Theaters, National Amateurs Satire Festival et al.

The Children Carnival has a prominent place in the program of Children Carnival with the main actions being the Carnival Cities (regional and central at February 1, 2, 8, 15, 16), cycling races with the disguised children and their bikes Baby Rally (February 22 at beach of Agyia), and the Grand Parade of Children Carnival (February 23), which transforms the central streets of Patras into the colors, moods of over 10,000 children and their attendants.
Children Carnival, the only one in Greece with such a long and massive participation of children, has indelibly carved its seal on the events of the Patras Carnival, enabling the young carnivalists to develop their senses, imagination and freedom of expression through alternative art forms, fun and play. Carnival cities are set up in city squares, surrounded by happy interactive constructions and together with actions (street theaters, theatrical games, musical events, etc.) create a special and enjoyable environment for children.

The heart of Carnival Patras beats in the Upper City. On Smokey Thursday, February 20 on Germanou Street and the surrounding streets, traditional and popular customs are revived, while carnival events, 5 music street bands, frenzied cheerfulness and authentic satirical mood complement the night of plenty of grilled meat and wine. Actions start from morning to night with traditional dances, live by rebetika and folk orchestras, a parade of carnivalists and chariots, joining the Upper and Lower Towns.

It is organized by the Public Benefit Corporation of Municipalith of Patras - Carnival of Patras and the Patras Amateur Ensemble "Refene" and is under the auspices of the Hellenic Theatrical Writers and Composers Association (EETSM). It will take place on February 7 and February 8. It is a tribute to satire with short performances from amateur shows all over Greece and has a competitive nature. Patras is transformed into a cultural meeting center connecting satire with the carnival and the theater.

Burbulia are historic, traditional dances where women keep their anonymity under a black domino and a black mask, while men wear formal attire and choose their own queen, often ignoring her identity, at least for that night. This year they will take place on February 21, 26 and 29 at the Royal Theater.

The Game of the Hidden Treasure has been running since 1966 and is a key component of the Patras Carnival's success. The Patras Carnival teams are made up of various companions, the "crews". They have a name as a team and a new theme every year for their disguise. Crews participate in Hidden Treasure games and competitions. The games include questions and puzzles, in-city navigation games, square mobility games, artistic contests, pantomimes, theatrical snapshots and more that the game's organizers have in mind. These crews and even more are the core of the big weekend parades. Their members include people from other cities who want to not only attend the Patras Carnival but also to actively participate in its events. The participants feel the thrilling magic of a game of joy with many surprises and twists. This year's co-organizer is crew No 222 (winner of last year's game).

The floats of the crews are not presented but only the members of the crews in their uniforms.
The night, the lights, the fast flow, the colors and the cheerfulness combine to give a spectacular spectacle, giving the glitter and splendor of the last Saturday night of the Patras Carnival. After the end, participants and spectators are involved in an endless festival that continues all night on the streets and in the carnival capital. It will take place on Saturday, February 29 at 18:00.

The top event of the Patras Carnival. The carnival floats of the municipality of Patras are preceded and followed the carnival crews, many with their own floats and carnival constructions. The participation of carnival each year reaches 35,000 people who tirelessly follow a trail about 4 km, crossing the main road of Patras. The Grand Parade of Sunday, March (2.00 pm) will be the culmination of carnival, imagination, creativity, youthful momentum and inspiration, flooding the streets as a whole, mobilizing the city to its full potential.

The main program of the parades (Grand Parade, Night Parade, Children Carnival Parade) is being expanded with others such as those in recyclable costumes, which will take place on February 27th and on February 28th at 7.00pm in Zarouhleika and in the area of Saint Sophia in Patras.

Αfter the Grand Parade the fun continues, rouses the spirit of carnival groups who was down to Molo (port) of St. Nicholas to attend the Closing Ceremony. The tradition wants the Carnival King be delivered to fire in the middle of the sea and be followed by fireworks. The event involves dance show, music concert, acrobatics and other surprises, with the Mayor of Patras to express his thanks to carnivals and visitors of the city for their participation. Major of Patras symbolically gives the signal to prepare the carnival events next year. Closing Ceremony concludes with an open-air music and dance party.

Τhis year the Closing Ceremony will take place on Sunday, March 1, at 9pm, and the Barcelona Gipsy Balkan Orchestra will be the guest band. A traveling band, a multi-cult orchestra that blends countries, cultures, people and cultures, a band with Balkan and Gypsy influences. A colorful musical band who comes to swirl us with Cuban melodies and revolutionary music from Cuba, to get to know Ethiopian jazz, as well as the Balkan sounds of Bosnia, Turkey and Greece.

For more information, please visit the official site of the Patras Carnival.

Patras Carnival 2020

18/01/2020 - 01/03/2020

Hours - Comments
Dates: 18.1.2020-1.3.2020 Location: Patras

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